M•FoodPlaza (MF)

Our restaurant in the medical faculty: MFoodcourt.

With our assortment we respond to the personal (dietary) wishes, allergies, cultures and preferences. In addition, at least 50% of our entire range is vegetarian.

We also offer halal products / dishes and the concept of SWITCH. SWITCH changes every quarter, including the appearance on the separately arranged counter. We switch between the concepts.


Opening Hours


closed due to Corona

Crackle & Hum Coffeecorner (centrale hal)

Monday to Friday: closed due Corona
closed on Saturday and Sunday

Weekly menu

Here you can download the weekly menu of the restaurant from the Main Building "FoodPlaza".



Restaurant Medical Faculty

Also at this location we give every quarter a local entrepreneur the space to offer his / her unique lunch concept. This can vary from bread to warm meals or innovative fresh juices. In addition to the basic range, the range at the M • Food Court consists of:
Salad bar: a salad to be put together with various toppings.
Hip & Healthy: hip, vegetarian and fiber-rich sandwiches, topped with lots of vegetables and surprising spreads.
Soup and crostinis: homemade, fresh soup with oven crostini’s of bread, with cheese, pesto, onions, leeks and other leftover vegetables.
Wraps: cold wraps with vegetable spread, filled with cheese, meat, fish or vega components and vegetables.

Crackle & Hum Coffee

The coffee corner on the ground floor, CRACKLE & HUM, is a busy coffee corner where it mainly revolves around getting coffee quickly.
For this reason, this coffee corner is all about high-quality coffee and grab & go products.

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De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands


8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Telephone (020) 598 65 04


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